Vehicle Architecture services are tasked with steering the creation of an exclusive product through holistic integration of a customer’s various requirements and crafting it to working design.

KTI’s Vehicle Architecture Services will identify the best technical solutions in order to perfect the optimal balance between technical and technological constraints, ergonomics, performance, costs, and all competing priorities.

The work starts with our technicians, focusing on the definition of the vehicle packaging, and progresses from there. This service provides the first technical input for the overall development of the vehicle

     - Benchmarking
     - Vehicle concept 
     - Dimension concept (main external and internal dimensions, wheelbase, track, chassis component,etc.)
     - Package
     - Ergonomic
     - Body in White (BiW)
     - Closures
     - Exterior
     - Interior
     - Chassis
     - Electric / Electronic
     - Powertrain

Concept car

The concept cars are designed to test ideas, innovations and gauge interest for new models, or to show design solutions or advanced technologies, which will be adopted in the future production by the manufacturer. Exhibition in motor shows of these concept cars and prototypes, allows the producer to evaluate the interest and success, through the reactions of the public and the specialized press.

Often these concepts are taken as a model for the execution of the vehicle for future production, applying the necessary modifications to obtain optimal results in terms of customer satisfaction, production costs, and the like.

During the development of the concept, the designer can approach the project with greater freedom, focusing mainly on aspects such as, innovation, new technologies, alternative materials and sustainability, to propose different designs and solutions.

The conceptual phase continues to develop until the feasibility of the project is such that one or more prototypes are developed to perfect the concept to a practical and suitable design, meeting all of the various requirements imposed.

One off

Is an expression in automotive design and engineering that means exemplar of a custom created vehicle. It's a car approved for normal circulation, and produced upon specific instructions of the client, generally realized on a standard chassis, with significant technical, functional and aesthetic variations, suitable for create a product, unique in the world.

KTI, thanks to the experience of its founder, can create top-quality craft creations, based upon specific requirements of the client to create the one off.

Starting from the concept, through to the complete car, KTI is able to give life to the ideas and dreams of its customers, offering a few lucky owners, an unprecedented driving experience, and the prestige of owning an automobile unlike any other.